Dear Prospective Member

I would like to introduce you to the World Renderers Organisation (WRO) and set out one of the main benefits of membership for you. WRO holds the position of global coordinator of the rendering industry over a wide range of activities. Our mission is to promote the key aims and objectives of our members by the promotion of Safe, Sustainable, Environmentally positive solutions that add value to the livestock industry. Joining WRO will enhance your profile among your customers, colleagues and suppliers in the world industry.

Full membership of the WRO provides you the opportunity to follow the WRO actions along with organizations listed below.

If you are interested on becaming a WRO member, send email to:

International organisations the WRO holds relation

  • OIE (World Organization of Animal Health)
  • WHO (World Health Organization)
  • CODEX Alimentarius – [Collaboration between WHO and FAO]
  • WTO (World Trade Organization)
  • FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations)
  • IFIF  (International Feed Industry Federation)
  • GAA (Global Aquaculture Alliance)
  • IMS (International Meat Secretariat)

WRO participation in International Events

  • WRO Member association Congress (EFPRA, ARA, NARA)
  • Global Feed and Food Congress (IFIF and FAO )
  • GOAL [Global Outlook for Aquaculture Leadership] (GAA)
  • World Meat Congress (IMS)

Access to resources

  • WRO Feed Hygiene and HACCP Manuals
  • WRO members by means of circulation of information or questions

Participate in the following

  • Communicating the development of the World Rendering Industry
  • Exchange of information and reciprocal meetings or visits
  • Networking to gain insight and information from WRO members
  • Workshops and learning experiences for key aspects of feed safety
  • WRO meetings and seminars held at WRO’s Members meetings

Membership Types

There are three main categories of WRO membership available:

  • Full membership – Open to all National rendering associations.
  • Company membership – Open to individual rendering businesses in countries where there is no National Association
  • Allied Supporting Membership – Open to companies indirectly related to the rendering industry such as suppliers, contractors and consultants.